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Choosing the right person to take care of your business’s finances is undoubtedly vital. You need to consider what qualities and experience you would like them to have, and what type of advice or guidance you require in order for your business to grow.

So what should you be looking for?

Someone who is qualified
Accountants are regulated by professional bodies which look after accounting qualifications and try to maintain high professional standards. Their work should be of the highest accuracy.

Someone who can come up with ideas

Accountants have considerable experience in commerce, finance and taxation and should be able to assist in the development and growth of your business and financial affairs.

Someone who can act as a business partner

Hiring an accountant is arguably even more important than hiring a new member of staff. They should possess the skills needed to support your business, understanding your requirements, and working alongside you rather than behind the scenes.

Someone who can minimize your tax

Despite the publicity regarding tax avoidance, there are many legitimate reliefs and allowances available from HMRC that can be taken advantage of. An accountant should keep your affairs up to date and be looking proactively to take advantage of opportunities for tax saving before it is too late.

Someone who can make your money work harder

An accountant’s role is often considered to be simply looking after annual accounts and tax compliance, however, that’s only a small proportion of what they should be able to offer. You should be looking for someone who does not only this but is commercially aware and can help you grow your business and improve your wealth.

Someone who has expertise in your sector

It’s best to work with an accountant who has experience working with businesses of the same sector and also of a similar size. You can even request testimonials from their current customers to see if they come highly recommended.

If you’re looking for an experienced and qualified accountant to assist in your business, big or small, click here to contact Pace and discover what you could gain.